Saturday, March 30, 2013

Muddy 10

I met Jamie at Boston Store this morning to go on a run.  We decided to head out toward Snowville Rd for 10 miles.  It was a beautiful day for a long run!  The sunshine dried out the trail some, but there were still plenty of muddy sections.  We both felt good at the end and got a bite to eat at the Winking Lizard afterward.

Tonight I signed up for the Columbus Marathon in October!  Jamie's also thinking of signing up.  This was her and my first marathon in which we both qualified for Boston, so it'll be fun coming back.  I'm hoping to break 3 hours, so I'll have to build a good base all summer and kick it up heading into Fall.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

2013 Covered Bridge FA - LHHT

This weekend was the Covered Bridge FA held at Ohiopyle, PA this year.  I had no set goal since I'm coming back from an injury, but wanted to get at least a double digit run in.  I met Brian at my parents house in Warren and we drove together to PA.

When we got to the Yough Inn, it was dark out and everyone else who was staying at the hotel had already arrived including Jim Harris, Kimba and Allison Holko.  We enjoyed a "few" beers and had some interesting conversation as always.

In the morning, Brian and I decided to sleep in a little, got breakfast at the local restaurant/grocery store, then started out on the trail around 10.  We saw many others enjoying the trail as well as other NEO Trail members on their way back.  The weather was perfect - 40s and blue sky!

Brian and I ran out to mile 5 and decided that was good for today to give us 10 total.  We both felt great the whole time and were glad we didn't overexert ourselves.  It was nice for a change enjoying the trail in a different way.  It's about impossible to do much running the first 8 miles, so there was no sense risking an injury.

When we got back to the Gate, we showered up then got a bite to eat at Falls City Pub right by the trail.  I got a turkey melt Panini's style sandwich with fries on it.  Barefoot Johnny "O", Allison, Rich Vrbonic were in there already eating.

Another night of rehydration with beer ensued as well as hanging with locals back at the pub. 

The next morning, I woke up and ran a short 3.5 mile run on the trails across the river.  I had never been on these, so I was excited to see the falls close up from this side. 

Another great Covered Bridge FA and another great NEO Trail event!  Next club event, No Frills Just Hills FA in May.

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Sunday, March 03, 2013


I ran three runs this week at Firestone MetroPark, each 3 miles.  I felt stronger on each one.  On the first run, my calves started tightening up just from not being used to running for awhile.  On the third run, today, I felt great and was going at a fast pace the entire time.  My breathing felt like I haven't lost anything since I've been swimming laps at the rec.  It feels great being outside and back running again.  Nothing like a cold winter run!