Sunday, March 25, 2012

Covered Bridge FA 2012

This weekend, I went down to Mohican State Park in Loudonville, OH to attend NEO Trail's Covered Bridge FA.  I've never been to Mohican, so this was a good chance to scope it out before my 50k in April.

The club rented a cabin for Friday and Saturday night.  There were five of us there for the first night and four the second, but with two bedrooms having two beds each and a pull-out couch, there was plenty of room.  Not to mention the satellite TV, enclosed patio and fireplace - we were really roughing it!

We started the run at 8 AM on Saturday morning.  The plan was to do the 25k loop and again if you felt inclined.  I ended up stopping after one and got 15 miles in for the day.  I just did the LT Challenge 50k last weekend, so I thought it would be smart to end my day early.

I had a great time.  The park is beautiful.  About 40 people showed up, a lot of them from around Mohican, so I met many new people.  The hills were decent sized, but nothing like at Laurel.  I'm feeling pretty good about the race next month and might even try to defy the race name (Forget the PR) and get a PR.

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