Saturday, March 07, 2009

Covered Bridge FA 50K

I left my house this morning for the 8 AM start of the Covered Bridge FA 50K in Mill Creek Park. I wasn't planning on running the full distance so I opted for sleep instead of getting up for the 6 AM early-bird start.

When I got up this morning, I saw it pouring outside and really hoped it would stop by the time I started running. I didn't get anything ready the night before, so I was looking all around for running clothes to wear. I looked in the washer and saw most of my clothes were still wet! Great!! I found some clothes to wear and then headed out the door. As I was pulling out, I heard some thunder and saw lightening.

I arrived at the parking lot by the old log cabin and waterfall a little before 8. The parking lot was full of cars and the first group had already arrived. We were quickly off and running. It wasn't bad once you got wet and ran on the muddy trails. Some parts were pretty slick, but it was fun going through the mud. It was a little unnerving to see lightening while we were on the first steel staircase by Tod Ave.

I ran from the old log cabin to the covered bridge with a pretty large group. From there, Brian and I ran around Lake Newport. After doing a loop with him, I split off and sped up since I was running less. I continued around Lake Newport again and then headed back to the old log cabin on the west side of Lake Cohasset and Lake Newport. The rain stopped on the second loop around Lake Newport and things started to dry up a bit.

I saw Bob by Lake Glacier near the Rose Garden. I ran and talked with him until we got to the cars. He sure was in a lot of pain from pulling something in his back. After we got back to the cars, I ran a little more than 2 miles out to YSU to give me an even 20 for the day. Bruce and I waited for everyone to get back. He shared some pretty funny stories while we were waiting.

Afterwards, Brian, Brandon, Courtney, Lloyd, Nick, Bruce and I went to the B&O Station to have some Rust Belt beer and brats! Ken Blair, the owner, even gave us a personal tour of the brewery. The brats and beer hit the spot and completed a great day of running in Mill Creek Park!

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