Sunday, July 13, 2008

Headlands Beach

Today I met my sister Jamie at Headlands Beach in Mentor, OH. I've been here once before and it's a great beach! It's the longest in Ohio. I saw on the radar earlier that the clouds would be clearing by 12:30 or so. On my drive there, I noticed the clouds go from overcast to partly cloudy to clear blue sky which lasted all day. There was also a nice breeze the whole day. The waves on the lake were 2-4 ft. and reminded me of the ocean.

After staying at the beach for about 5 hours, we headed over to Pickle Bills to grab something to eat. This place is amazing! They have great seafood and are in an awesome location with seating outside by the river. I got Gulf Shrimp and Jamie got a burger with a fruit Tequila drink. If only we could do this everyday!!

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