Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Boston Store to Lock 29

After the concert, Brian and I went for a run starting at the Boston Store parking lot. We knew we couldn't get a long run in since it was already 8:30 and we didn't have headlamps. My brother wanted to test out his new shoes on the trails, but since it was going to get dark, we thought it might be better to just run on the Towpath.

We saw a couple deer and their mother early during the run standing right by the boardwalk. On the way back, it had gotten alot darker and the lightening bugs looked really cool. It looked like a techno rave out there. My quad has been bothering me recently and started hurting on the way back. I'm going to take some time off to rest it, stretch and lift a little to strengthen it. I want to run Columbus in October, but I will have to be good by the beginning of August if I want to get sufficient training in. We finished tonight's run with 5 miles.

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