Sunday, August 05, 2012

YUT-C Familiarization Run

This morning, I drove from my apartment in Akron to Mill Creek Park.  I wasn't sure when I would make it there, but ended up getting out of bed when my alarm clock went off at 5 AM.  I got to the log cabin at 6:30 and took off right away.  The official start was at 8, so I needed to get back in an hour and a half.  I did a small 7.75 mile loop to the Mill.  I didn't have any watch or clock with me, but that seemed to only push me to run faster.  I saw Kimba and Moose headed the opposite direction as I got closer to the Mill.  Even this early in the morning, it was still really hot and humid out!  I was sweating up a storm and looked like I jumped in a pool.  I was lucky to have one salt pill left in my handheld water bottle pocket and also had a granola bar I bought at the gas station on my way.

When I got back to the Mill, I asked Kimba what time it was and she said 7:49.  So I ran that loop in 1:19 or 10:12/mile.  I was drenched in sweat, but felt pretty good actually.  The group took off clockwise around the park at 8 o'clock.  We did a big loop around Lake Newport.  I had a good time talking to new people as well as the club regulars.  During the run, Jon Bolha, AKA Scooby, mixed in some quick sprints or fartleks I guess you could call them.  Especially on the westside of Lake Cohasset, we got into a few dead sprints which lasted 5-10 minutes.

Afterward, we had pizza and drinks that Jim brought in his minivan.  I finished with 19.5 miles and was really happy with how I felt during a long distance run going into Pikes Peak, just a couple of weeks away.  I'll probably try to get a few easy runs in, mixed with some swimming, and then it's showtime!

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