Thursday, February 16, 2012

Boston Store Night Run

Tonight I planned on running 10 miles from Boston Store to Snowville Rd and back.  By the time I got to the Boston Store parking lot, it was 6:30, dark and spitting rain.  I ran to Blue Hen Falls and by the time I got there, I had enough of sliding around in the mud.  I hadn't even got to the worst part of it yet, closer to Snowville. 

So I turned around, got back to my car and did 4 miles on the Towpath between mile markers 21 and 23.  I forced myself to run an easy pace and was glad I did.  I felt great at the end of the run other than my legs and arms feeling a little sore from swimming laps and lifting the past couple days.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tennis & Snowshoeing

Today my brother and I went over to Towpath to play some tennis indoors.  Every Friday night and Sunday morning they have open court for non-members for $10 per person per hour.  We played an hour Friday and played another hour today.  We were a little rusty Friday, but it didn't take long to get our ground strokes and serves back to normal.  It felt great playing inside while snow was flying outside.  I always love playing at indoor domes, probably because it brings back memories of playing at Avalon and Liberty Racquet Club when I was younger.

Afterwards, I drove over to Pine Hallow at the CVNP and snowshoed for an hour.  This is a great workout!  There was plenty of snow on the ground and I saw other people out on the trails cross country skiing and snowshoeing as well.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

2012 Running Schedule

Usually I don't post schedules for the whole year, but this year I'm pretty excited to try a new distance (100K) and run races I've always wanted to, but never got around to signing up for (Cortland 10 Miler & Potatoe Stomp).  I figure if I write it down, maybe I'll stick to it.  So here is my tentative race/event schedule for 2012:
  • Mill Creek Distance Classic Half Marathon - March 4th
  • Forget the PR 50K - April 15th
  • Pace at MMT 100 - May 12-13th
  • No Frills, Just Hills FA - May 26th
  • Cortland 10 Miler - June
  • Pikes Peak Marathon - August 18th
  • Mantua Potatoe Stomp 9 miler - September
  • Oil Creek 100K - October
  • URINEO - December 15th
  • MHM???

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

"When each day is the same as the next, it's because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every day the sun rises."

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Chinese Inspiration

I got off work a little bit late today and got home around 5:30.  I didn't feel like cooking anything, so I ordered some General Tso's Chinese food.  After eating half of this, I cracked open my fortune cookie.  It read, "When you exercise the body you cleanse the soul."  I had planned on kicking back and watching TV tonight, but after reading this I felt motivated to go do a workout. 

So I drove over to the Kent Rec center and swam some laps.....64 of them for a mile.  I felt great doing them and it really wasn't too tiring.  Not sure what kind of times are good for a mile in the pool, but I did it in 28 minutes and was pretty happy with that.  I went in the jacuzzi and sauna after and felt way better than I did when I came.