Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Munroe Falls Metropark

Today I drove over to Munroe Falls Metropark to get a few laps of swimming in. I went here a few times last year and swam with Courtney and Brandon Russell when they were training for a tri. This year I decided to get a summer pass that lasts till August. It was only $30 for Summit County residents so not too bad.

They had part of the lap lane in the lake blocked off, so it was a little bit shorter. I asked the lifeguard and he figured it was probably about 100-125 meters. I went 10 lengths and called it a day. I wasn't pushing it too hard, but it felt surprisingly easy swimming those laps. It's a little harder than a pool staying in a straight line since you can't see in front of you unless you pick your head up. I have a tri in mind up on Lake Erie that Dan Bellinger mentioned to me a couple days ago. I figure biking will be the unknown for me, but I do wonder about the swim. I've never swam next to a whole bunch of people before and not to mention it will be in a bigger, deeper lake with waves...hmmm

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