Sunday, June 05, 2011


This morning I went to the Lily Pond at Mill Creek Park. I planned on running the big YUT-C loop around the entire park which is 11.75 miles. I ran the loop clockwise to get the majority of the hills out of the way (Stone Bridge trail, Monkey Hills).

I started at 9 AM and the temperature was already heating up. I brought along my handheld water bottle and filled it up 2 times at the Covered Bridge. I'm not usually a good hot weather runner, but today I felt great! This was my last long run before the Laurel 50k next weekend and was a good confidence booster.

I'm still reading Born to Run and I got to a section of it where they're explaining studies done comparing expensive cushioned shoes, cheap less cushioned ones and barefoot running. I was surprised when they specifically mentioned the Nike Pegasus. I've had over 10 pairs of these and have been pretty pleased with them. However since reading this book, I'm realizing my once- or twice-a-year injuries I tend to get are exactly what they mention in the book - either Achilles, planter, or knee issues. I might try switching up shoes after this pair and see how it works out.

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