Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Towpath Run

I drove over to Boston Store in the Cuyahoga Valley today to run a long run on the Towpath. The path was still covered in snow, but had some tracks from snowshoe walkers. I ran South towards Peninsula. The path was alright, but after Peninsula it got pretty bad. Every few steps, I slipped off the edge or stumbled. I ran to the 26 mile marker then did an out and back between mile markers 22 and 23 for 2 extra miles. I finished with about 11 miles total in 1:38:09 (8:56/mile). I didn't feel out of breath or tired at all, just a little sore afterwards. During the run, I saw 2 snowshoe walkers, 2 deer, 3 snowmen, a flock of gigantic turkeys and a partridge in a pear tree.

I have been increasing my mileage/week little by little and I think I finally have a good base to train for Cleveland. I'm hoping to have 30-35 miles this week and hold that range for most of February. I figure there's no need to get up to 45-50 yet since the marathon isn't for another 3 months.

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