Saturday, February 07, 2009

50 Degrees in February

Brian and I met at the Rose Garden at MCP today at noon. He went to the Dirty Dog 10K at Mosquito Lake this morning at 9. Bob and Jim (the race director) always joke about how I should get technical gear to run in. So Bob gave Jim an old windbreaker for Brian to give to me. Thanks Bob! I wore it today along with my Captain Morgan sweatband. I felt like it was a flashback to the 80's.

The temperature felt really nice out at around 50 degrees with blue skies. The wind was strong sometimes, but felt good. We ran one URINEO loop for 8 miles. Certain sections of the trails were pretty icy, but for the most part it was fine running on.

At the northern most part of Mill Creek is the Ford Nature Education Center (below), a stone mansion donated by the children of Judge Ford in 1968. I've seen this before, but never went inside. Today we did. They had some cool animal exhibits including an owl, garter snake, and turtles.

Below are some more pics of the run.

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Clara said...

gotta love the warm weather!