Sunday, November 16, 2008

Headwaters Trail & Main Street Brewing Co.

Brian and I decided to try out a new trail called Headwaters Trail. It is an eight-mile limestone-paved trail built on the former Cleveland-Mahoning Railroad line between Mantua and Garrettsville. We parked at Hiram and ran East towards Garrettsville. This section is almost exactly 3 miles out according to Brian's Garmin. The trail wasn't anything too spectacular, but I did enjoy the change of scenery.

Brian had bought some new Powerbar Gel Blasts at Vertical Runner so we tried these halfway through our run. They were delicious! We tried both the Coke and lemon ones. They have gel on the inside and remind me of gummies a used to eat awhile back. Six of these blocks is the equivalent to one gel pack. Brian and I got back to the parking lot and finished with 6 miles.

Afterwards, we were both starving so we decided to find a place in Garrettsville. Brian's GPS said there was an Italian restaurant, but when we got there it was closed. To our surprise, a little further down on a corner, there was a brewery!!! We both yelled in joy!

The brewery was called Main Street Grille and Brewing Company. It was nicely located overlooking a waterfall that reminded me of a mini-Mill Creek waterfall. They had 2 or 3 levels of decks outside for warm weather. The inside had a nice high ceiling built out of wood. Brian and I both ordered 25 cent wings and beer. I got the Reluctant Reverend (ABV 6%). It is an English-style pale ale named after the owners best friend, Kevin, who developed the recipe. It's brewed with English malts & English hops providing a deep gold color, balanced malt flavor, and a crisp, dry finish. Mmmm. Brian got the Toxic Toast (Barley Wine), an intense ABV 9% beer and the Nightmare on Main Street (Pumpkin Cream Ale).

Nothing like relaxing on a Sunday running, drinking and watching football. Looks like the Headwaters Trail will become a regular favorite due to the closeness of the Main Street Brewery.

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