Thursday, November 27, 2008

30th Annual Warren Turkey Trot

Just like every Thanksgiving, the Musick family woke up early to get ready for the Annual Warren Turkey Trot at Kent Branch. Mom Musick was already in the kitchen getting food prepared for our Thanksgiving feast. Between Brian, Tami, Jamie and I, none of us really knew what time we would finish in. Brian had just ran a 50K at Laurel Highlands, this was Tami's first 5 miler, and Jamie and I haven't been training too much.

Before the race, I saw a bunch of people I knew including some ultra-buffs Bob Combs and Bill Losey. Bob was running the 5 with Shamus. It's always great going to the Turkey Trot and seeing so many familiar faces.

Before we toed the line, Ted Rupe gave his speech, a prayer, and we were off! I felt pretty good for the first half. When I got to the turnaround, I could feel a slight cramp coming on. Luckily it never got too bad. I finished in 32:13 (6:27/mile, 4th age group) and was very pleased with that time. My splits were: Mile 1 - 6:32, Mile 2 - 6:35, Mile 3 - 6:11, Mile 4 - 6:46, Mile 5 - 6:07. Jamie finished with a NEW PR of 33:13 (6:39/mile, 5th overall)! Brian ran about 37:30 and Tami ran around 50 minutes. Photos can be viewed here and results can be viewed here. It was a beautiful day for running! If I remember correctly, Ted Rupe said there were 1,900 runners between the 5 mile and 2 mile races!!

After getting home and cleaned up, it was time to chow down!! My grandma and uncle came over. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry jello, biscuits, sweet potatoes, stuffing, hot cinnamon apples, salad, and pumpkin pie. After we indulged ourselves, we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I am so thankful to be able to enjoy another Thanksgiving with my family!

Me finishing

Jamie finishing

Brian finishing

Tami finishing

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