Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wolf Creek Winery

It was such a nice cool Fall day outside today, so my brother, Tami, my parents and I decided to meet up at Wolf Creek Winery in Norton, OH just west of Akron. The view from the winery is pretty looking down at the field and pond. We got a couple pizzas from Georgio's down the street and had some cheese and wine. My mom, Tami and I took a walk down to the lake. Along the path, there are goats fenced in, so we pet them for a bit. When we were going to continue on down to the lake, two of the goats jumped over a low part in the fence. We couldn't stop laughing and I chased one of the goats around, trying to get him back in. Later on, my dad told us that one of the goats had walked up to the winery, snuck up to someone's table, jumped up on the table and then jumped on a girl and knocked her down. Unfortunately we weren't there to catch this on video!

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