Monday, June 30, 2008

Boston Store Night Run

Pinball, Slim Jim, Kurt OPod, Little Pebble, and me
(photo courtesy of Brian) - I need to get a nickname

Tonight I met Brian at the Boston Store parking lot at 7 to go for a night run. The plan was to run towards Slim and Heath Harris who were running out towards Pine Line. We ran a mile out until we met with them, then turned around to head back to the parking lot. On our way back, Kurt Osadchuk was running towards us. He turned around and joined us.

From the parking lot, we headed out towards Snowville Rd. on the Buckeye Trail. Heath drove separate and had already done 13 miles, so he split. The trail was in decent shape in most spots. However, some downhills and sections of the trail were pretty sloppy. It started to get pretty dark on the way back to the parking lot with 5 miles to go. I had borrowed Kurt's hand light since I didn't bring one. Kurt decided to take the road back since it was getting late, so I gave him his light back. Bad decision! It was really tricky running without a light in the pitch black forest. I ran between Jim and Brian who both had lights and made it back without any problems. I haven't done a long run for quite awhile, so it felt good to get out there on the trails for a long night run.

We finished the run with 12 miles. Afterwards, Brian played some Reggae music and Jim had brought some Pizza Hut and drinks. It was great...Supreme AND Meat Lover's together!

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