Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mingo & Dogwood

(click on map to enlarge)

Tonight I decided to head back to Sand Run Metro Park and do some of the other trails that I saw last time. I parked by Revere Rd. and started running on the Parkway Jogging trail. I then caught the Mingo Trail which runs right along the Parkway trail except on the other side of the creek. I then got off the Mingo and onto the Dogwood trail on the other side of the Parkway trail. Both Mingo & Dogwood have some pretty long and massive hills. I was pretty out of breath the whole run. Parkway is paved and has some crushed limestone, but Mingo & Dogwood are dirt trails so it was a good mix of surfaces. Once I got off the Dogwood onto Parkway, I pushed it pretty hard. There were some people I passed that were moving pretty fast themselves, so I made sure they wouldn't pass me the mile back to the car that I had left.

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