Saturday, May 24, 2008

Led Zeppelin Tribute Band

Every Saturday this summer, the Warren Amphitheater will be having tribute bands performing for free. Summit Entertainment 330 is putting on the events with local sponsors providing food. The whole series is called The Time Warner Cable Summit Rock Showcase. Last year they had a few at the end of the summer and I saw an 80's group and Elton John tribute bands.

Tonight, I went and saw Zoso, a tribute band for Led Zeppelin. They were recently voted by Rolling Stone Magazine as the best tribute band. They were great and sounded just like the original group. The lead singer had all the moves as Robert Plant and the guitarist looked identical to Jimmy Page. The Warren Amphitheater has such a great atmosphere with the river in the background and a beautiful architecture structure (in the picture above) around the stage which was built a few years ago. Below are a couple videos of the concert.

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