Friday, May 09, 2008

Imperial Tempo Run

Today I went for a run on my favorite route, the Imperial, which starts from my parents' house and goes into downtown Warren where the old Imperial hotel used to be. It's a nice 5 mile run with few hills and makes for a good tempo run. When I started out, I felt great. The temperature was in the 50s with a light mist of rain falling down.

On my way back, I was feeling pretty tired and out of breath like I have been lately on my runs after the marathon. Once I get my miles back up, I should be fine beyond 5 or 6 miles again. I started my watch at the beginning of the run to see what kind of shape I was still in. I finished the run in 33:30 which is a 6:42/mile pace. I was really happy with that considering how I felt. My knee has also been hurting me some below the knee cap. It doesn't really affect my running but hopefully it goes away soon and doesn't get any worse.

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