Friday, May 30, 2008

Bath Nature Preserve

I ventured out to the Bath Nature Preserve which is about 10 minutes away from my apartment. It consists of about 5 different trails which are no longer than 3 miles long each.

I started at the North Folk Trail and ran Southeast to the end of it at the Bath Community Activity Center. After I got there, I hopped on the Bridle Trail and ran the Southern half of the loop. I figured I probably ran about 5 miles total.

The scenery was beautiful and the run was pretty relaxing. Some parts of the preserve looked like Amish Country, while other parts looked like Africa. There were a few lakes with dead wood sticking out and high grass all along the trails that just waved back and forth in the wind.

After the run, I drove around some of the new developments and was stunned at the size of the houses. They made some of the biggest houses in the Trumbull/Mahoning County area look like playhouses. One house in particular was a huge log cabin-type house that overlooked a valley with a lake at the bottom.

I'll definitely have to come back here to run on some of the other loops that I didn't get to run on today. Click here for a map of all the trails.

(Pictures will be posted when I get my camera back!)

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