Saturday, March 01, 2008

BHTM Concert

Last year, my brother Brian and Bob Combs went to the Big Head Todd and the Monsters concert at the House of Blues in Cleveland. Well after hearing how good it was, I decided to go this Saturday.

Brian and I got to Cleveland a couple of hours before the doors opened at 7:00 and looked for a place to eat. The area where the HOB is located is really cool. I've seen it before driving past but have never stopped. The street (E 4th St.) has lights all along it that hang above the road. The lights really give it that Little Italy look. The area is called the East Fourth Neighborhood and is known as the "soul of the city." There are tons of restaraunts and bars along the street. We decided to eat at an Irish pub called Flannery's. The food and atmosphere were great!

After relaxing at the pub, we walked to the HOB and went inside. This was my first time seeing a concert here. The inside looked really cool. There were tons of decorations all along the walls and the whole place just had that blues vibe to it. One thing I really like about the place is that it's small, so no matter where you're at in the building, you're still pretty close to the stage. Since we got there early we got a great spot right down by the stage about 3 rows back.

At around 8:00, the opening act came on, Paul Kelly, an Australian singer/songwriter. His music was pretty relaxing. I thought he sounded a little like Bob Dylan. Here's a video of him singing.

Paul Kelly played for about an hour and then BHTM came on around 9:15. I was pretty pumped at that point. They sounded great live! Some of my favorite songs they played were Resignation Superman, Boom Boom, Angela Dangerlove, and Bittersweet. They played for a good 2-2.5 hours and, while my legs were tired from standing, I didn't want it to end. Todd Park Mohr, the main singer, played some pretty awesome solos on the guitar!

Solo on the Guitar

Resignation Superman

Some saxophone!

We met alot of really nice people at the concert too. A couple we talked to were both runners. The lady had run some half marathons before and her husband had run two marathons. He ran Columbus and qualified for Boston, but waited too long to enter it and the maximum participants had been reached of 25,000. I had a great time and definetly want to attend it next year! Good food, good music, good company, good night!!

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