Saturday, December 21, 2013


Back again for another URINEO.  I got to Mill Creek this morning at 8AM and met other runners at the Old Log Cabin.  It was drizzling out this morning and unseasonably warm.  We waited around until 8:10 for other runners to show up then left for a clock-wise loop to the Mill. 

A lot of people had on their screwed shoes.  I haven't had a pair for quite a few years and didn't have time (or the old shoes) to make them, so I just wore my Brooks Cascadias and hoped that there weren't any really icy areas.

The trail was really muddy as expected since the snow had melted and we were getting rain.  Probably the worst section was the Monkey Hills.  A couple people were attempting the Monkey Hill Marathon, so this really made the downhills slippery.  At a few spots, I felt like I was skiing rather than running.  I hurdled toward a tree a few times and knew if I missed it, I'd be falling down the hill further.

The trail was ice-free for the most part.  The iciest section was down by the creek headed towards the Mill.  The temperature also dropped quite a bit since it's down in a valley.  We switched running through warm and cold patches of air pretty frequently.

I met 3 runners from Pittsburgh who had never been to Mill Creek Park before.  It was fun seeing their reaction to the park.  Most people from out of town are surprised of the variety Mill Creek has and how technical and hilly some sections are.

I finished the first loop with the group and decided to call it a day with about 8  miles in.  I went inside the cabin and warmed up.  Moose was starting a fire, so I talked to him for awhile.  The rest of the runners slowly trickled in and soon we had everyone enjoying the food, fire and good company.

I always have a good time at URINEO.  It's great to catch up with runners I haven't seen in awhile and see what races they have planned. 

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