Saturday, April 13, 2013

Long Tempo Towpath Run

My friend Marc, from Kent State, was up in town this weekend from Cincinnati for his birthday.  This morning we went on a run starting from the Boston Store.  Marc is running the Glass City Marathon in Toledo in a few weeks, so he's in pretty good shape.  We ran on the Towpath since he didn't want to do any big hills.  Plus, neither of us really wanted to battle the muddy trails after the big rain we had.

We ran past Peninsula and to mile marker 26.  I was feeling pretty tired all over.  My breathing was especially heavy and he could definitely tell.  I wasn't surprised though since I haven't gone this fast in awhile.  He wanted to get 13 in today, so once we got back to Boston Store, I stopped and he went on a little further.  I got 9 miles in and we figured we probably ran around 7:15 pace.  I'm really happy with this and it felt good to gut it out.  There were plenty of times during the run where I wanted to walk and let him go, but didn't.  We talked about the Columbus Marathon.  I'm already signed up and it sounds like he would like to do it also!  We both have a goal of qualifying for Boston under the new standard.  I would also like to break 3 for the first time.

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