Thursday, February 02, 2012

Chinese Inspiration

I got off work a little bit late today and got home around 5:30.  I didn't feel like cooking anything, so I ordered some General Tso's Chinese food.  After eating half of this, I cracked open my fortune cookie.  It read, "When you exercise the body you cleanse the soul."  I had planned on kicking back and watching TV tonight, but after reading this I felt motivated to go do a workout. 

So I drove over to the Kent Rec center and swam some laps.....64 of them for a mile.  I felt great doing them and it really wasn't too tiring.  Not sure what kind of times are good for a mile in the pool, but I did it in 28 minutes and was pretty happy with that.  I went in the jacuzzi and sauna after and felt way better than I did when I came.

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Kim said...

Sometimes the fortune cookie is the most wise.