Wednesday, November 09, 2011

West Branch Night Run

Tonight I met Jim Harris and Todd Hanks at 6:30 at the boat dock parking lot for a night run.  We started on the Lake Trail, crossed Cable Line Rd, ran the trails on the other side, and then finished on the expert trail.  Before crossing Cable Line Rd, we walked down to the family cemetery to check out the witch's grave.  No screams heard tonight!

It was a perfect night for a run.  A nice breeze, actually feeling warm at times, and a partly cloudy sky that gave way to a bright full moon.  We still needed our headlamps, but I looked around a few times and was surprised how bright it was out.

I really enjoy night runs.  A trail route you run all the time during the day looks totally different at night.  It's easy to get in a trance and forget you're physically exerting yourself.  The pace always seems faster than what it is.

Group night runs are even more enjoyable.  It's like sitting around a campfire telling stories except you're running and the glowing light is your headlamp.  A lot of people get depressed when the clock turns back and it gets dark earlier.  I've learned to accept it better and not let it ruin my workouts.  Each season provides a different adventure and a different challenge.  I do wish winter was shorter, but it makes us appreciate Spring that much more.  If it wasn't for the challenges in life, we would take the simple things for granted.

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