Monday, November 07, 2011

Double 12

Yesterday I went for a run at Mill Creek with Brian.  The weather was gorgeous with clear blue skies and nice temps near 60.  We ran a big loop counterclockwise around all three lakes starting from the Rose Garden.  By the wetlands, we saw a bald eagle.  I had never seen one in person, much less in MCP!  It's wingspan was amazing as it flew away.  We ended the day with 12 miles.

So today the weather was still good and I still had some running fever in me.  I got out of work early, but knew this was post- move the clock back an hour.  Ugh!  I was glad for the extra hour of sleep, but now it gets dark at 5:30.  I grabbed the headlamp and headed out as quickly as possible.

I ran from Boston Store to Snowville Rd. then did two more miles on the Towpath.  I made it to Snowville without my light on, but had to turn it on after to avoid tripping on the leaf-covered roots.  I saw plenty of deer out on the trail staring at me.  I always enjoy night runs.   There's something about being all alone in the woods with just the creatures and the moon that is very calming.  I only saw one other person out there and he was doing the same route as me.

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