Monday, April 25, 2011


What an awesome run tonight! I did my usual Pine Lane to Boston Store route. This is definitely one of my favorite routes to run because it includes many hills, a couple stream crossings and beautiful scenery.

Right from the start, the trail was a mess! With all the rain we've been getting, the streams were filled to the max and there were huge puddles everywhere along the trail. I ran a pretty fast pace surprisingly, despite the bad conditions. I think I run faster in the rain and mud because it gets my mind off running. Whether or not it was actually a fast pace didn't really matter to me though. I was getting in a great workout since every step was a struggle. I only saw one other runner while I was out there. I told him "perfect trail conditions huh?" and he said "doesn't get much better than this!"


Clara said...

Those are the best runs; love em!

Jeff said...

You should try this race sometime -

It's a blast! I've done it twice before.

Nic said...

Rain is by far the best weather for running without noticing how far you've gone. Gotta love it!

Clara said...

Dang...that looks like a lot of fun! Why are all the races so far away? We need to create a closer one.

Have you done any of the mudathons? I haven't but they look fun. Looks like one's coming to Indy soon; maybe I should do it!

Jeff said...

I haven't but my sister just emailed me one in Cinci that she was thinking of doing. It does look fun!