Sunday, March 06, 2011

Pine Lane Again

Slop. Mud. Water. No pain in knee. Tons of deer. Whole lot of fun!

Pics of the run.


Doug in Pittsburgh said...

Curious about itb progress, if any? I developed the same problem after 10/10/10 Towpath marathon. Progress has been very SLOW for me, but back doing some longer runs now which keep me doing the strengthening and stretching exercises with hope.It seems like I take 3 steps forward and 2 steps back, continually. Runs after a few days rest are usually more successful.

Jeff said...

Hey Doug. Yeah my ITB injury was a nagging pain lasting more than half a year. Mine seems to have gone away now after having done a few 8 miles runs. Some advice I would give you is to not run at all. If it hurts walking, it will defintely hurt running. I tested mine a few times but could never go more than 2 miles. I stopped immediately when it started hurting. Swimming helped me alot in my recovery and staying in shape. I also got a foam roller and tried to use that as much as I could. Another thing I've done in the past for ITB and quad strains that has helped is lifting (as strange as it sounds). I did leg extensions and other leg lifts, but only if it didn't hurt when doing it. I need to keep this up because I know I have weak core and quad muscles. Hope this helps and good luck with your recovery!

Doug in Pittsburgh said...

Thanks, man. I'm doing the strengthening work, but just started A.R.T. treatment yesterday, we'll see. Good luck to you, too.