Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Back On Trail

Today after work, I drove over to the CVNP to run one of my favorite runs: Pine Lane to Boston Store. This is an 8-mile run and includes so many varying surfaces, inclines and scenery. I've run it so many times that I know the trail inside and out. I find it easier on the way back from Boston Store to Pine Lane, but both directions offer some pretty decent climbs.

The trail today was quite a mess from all the rain, snow and changing temperatures we've had. For the most part, it wasn't very icy. Some sections had some slick mud, but overall there were just a ton of puddles along the way. Once I got my shoes and legs dirty, it was fun running through all the muck.

You could tell a lot of water had been flowing along the creek about a mile into the run from the Pine Lane parking lot. Brush and deadwood were scattered all about. Two big sections of trail I saw had collapsed into the creek. When I got to the water crossing, only a couple stepping stones were peaking out of the water. With no way to stay dry, I just walked across getting my feet wet. The temperature outside was in the mid-30s, so it wasn't too bad out. I had shorts and a long sleeve shirt on.

The best part of this run was that my knee felt great! I didn't bank much money on the few runs I had on the Towpath since those were pretty controlled and flat. Today's run was the complete opposite. I was slipping around everywhere, landing hard on my "bad" knee, and pushing off of it. Early in the run, I could feel some tightness in my IT Band, but this went away after a mile or so. As long as I can continue to finish runs with no worsening pain, I think this early tightness during runs will go away as my fitness gets better.

As far as my fitness right now, I felt relatively good during the run. When I got back to my car, I was more whipped than I used to be just doing an 8 mile run, but Pine Lane to Boston has always been a tough workout since I tend to run it hard when by myself. I think all the swimming while I was injured helped keep my fitness up. My breathing felt fine during the run; it was mostly my legs that felt tired.

Ahhhhh feels good to be back on the trails.....

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