Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snowshoeing at Pine Hallow

This afternoon I took a half day and went over to Pine Hallow at the CVNP to go snowshoeing with Dan Bellinger and Brian. The big snowfall we got this morning made for perfect conditions. The snow was heavy, yet very powdery so walking through it was fun. We made a big loop around the Kendall Hills area and got in 3.3 miles in 2 hours.

Afterward, Dan, Brian and I got a bite to eat at the Winking Lizard. Pulled pork sandwich and a Sierra Nevada Bigfoot hit the spot. From there, Brian and I went to the Happy Days Lodge to listen to Andrew Skurka's presentation about his 176-day, 4,680-mile Alaska-Yukon Expedition. We went last year and, as always, it was very interesting. They got a record crowd this year since word must have spread. The place was packed with over 250 people.

After the presentation, we went back to the Winking Lizard and enjoyed a few drinks with Andrew.

Click here for photos of our snowshoeing today.

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