Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm Alive

I haven't posted much lately, actually in two whole months! But then again, I haven't been running much either. The last time I ran any significant distance was more than two months ago when I did a 50K with Brian and Kirk Harrison from Pine Lane to Brecksville and back. Ever since then, my IT Band has been hurting. Even though I finished that 50K strong, it was still a stupid thing to do with hardly any training.

During my time not running, I have been swimming laps every once in awhile at the Medina Community Rec Center. I usually do 1/2 to a mile in the pool. I've also been stretching a lot and using the foam roller. When I was at Clarion, I used the foam roller a few times in the athletic trainers' office and it seemed to work really well. So I bought a giant one from Second Sole for about $25. Pretty pricey for a piece of styrofoam, but I figure it should last a lifetime.

So my only running goal right now is to get healthy. I hope to be able to run a loop of URINEO coming up in December since that's always a tradition. I would like to get completely healthy by January and be able to start training for a Spring mararthon (probably Cleveland) and get a new marathon PR. I'm also thinking about getting a semester membership at the Kent Rec Center from January to May and mix swimming and lifting in with my running. Kent is 10 minutes closer than Medina from my place in Akron so I could go a lot more often.