Sunday, August 29, 2010

Towpath 20

This morning, my friend Marc and I met bright and early at 7 AM at the Boston Store to go for a 20 mile run on the Towpath. He's training for the Columbus Marathon in October and I'm getting ready for YUT-C, Akron half, and Oil Creek.

It was nice and cool when we started and never got very hot during our run. First we ran North to mile marker 21. We then came back to the Boston Store and headed South to mile marker 31. Marc had been getting some good training in and I've been slacking a bit so I was unsure how my body would handle the distance and pace.

I felt pretty good for the first half. My calves got a little tight before the turnaround. We both needed to use the restroom, but decided not to stop since we knew it would be hard to start back up again and get in a rhythm.

As each mile passed on the way back, I progressively felt worse and worse. Near mile marker 29, we got some water at an aid station for the Buckeye Half going on this morning.

As we got to Lock 29, I told Marc that I was going to stop to get a drink of water. I split off the Towpath, but thought about this decision quickly. I knew I would go slow if I didn't have someone to push me and my muscles would tighten up if I stopped. So, I quickly turned back onto the Towpath and sprinted back up with Marc.

We finished the day's run in 2:30 (7:30/mile). I was spent! Afterward, we went to Fischer's for an omlette and a beer!

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