Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Getting Hot In Here

Tonight Brian and I planned on meeting at Happy Days at 6:30 for a run. I got off work early today so I drove over to Pine Lane at 5 to get some extra miles in. I ran to the Boston Store then took the Towpath back to my car for 7 miles. It was 85 degrees outside and very humid. I was beat! I turned on the air condition in my car full blast and drank some Gatorade. It turned out to be a good idea not to take the Buckeye Trail back for 8 miles because I would've really cut it close to 6:30. I had 15 minutes to relax before heading down the road to Happy Days.

I then headed over to meet Brian. We ran 5 miles there which gave me 12 total for the day. I was exhausted afterwards, but happy to get the distance in on such a tough day.

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