Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Egg 10

Me, Jamie, Brian and Mike

This weekend my sister Jamie came up from Pittsburgh to visit. This morning we drove over to the Cuyahoga Valley around 8 o'clock to go for a run. The plan was to meet Brian and others at the Brecksville Stables. However, we got lost for a bit. We ended up driving down Snowville Rd where the BT crosses and happened to see Brian and Mike Keller headed down the trail. I honked and Jamie and I parked quickly and caught up with them.

Brian jumping down into the stream

The weather was beautiful today!! The sun was shining and temps were in the upper 70s. There were alot of runners out on the trails today taking part in the Easter Egg 20 mile group run which officially started at 6:30 this morning at Boston Store.

ATTENTION! FORWARD MARCH! All of us paving the way for the Admiral Nick Billock to pass through :)

I haven't seen Mike in awhile so it was good to catch up! We had a great time joking and goofing off on the trails. We turned around at the Brecksville Stables. Jamie and I split off at Snowville Rd. for 10 miles while Brian and Mike continued back to Boston Store for 20 miles.

We saw alot of Garter snakes today!

Click here for more pictures from today's run.

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