Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Towpath & Oil Creek 50K Signup

After work today, I drove over to the Boston Store and ran 4 miles on the Towpath between Mile 21-23. I felt pretty out of breath and my Achilles tendon was a little tight.

Today I also signed up for the Oil Creek 50K in October. I've only run in the park once and loved the scenery and views! Last year I went to watch my brother and sister run the 50-miler and 50K, respectively. I am really looking to taking part in the race this year! Tom Jennings, the race director, does a great job running the race and everyone seemed to have a great time.


Clara said...

Hmmm...I might consider running the 50M or 100M, too. The course doesn't look too difficult or hilly. However, seven hours would be a long drive alone.

Tronk said...

Hey Jeff.... hope your ankle is feeling better. Looks pretty nasty! Did Brian laugh at first when you hit the water? Hope to see you on the trails... maybe May!

Jeff said...

Clara - It's actually a pretty hilly course. The 50K has 5,459 ft of elevation gain and the 100M has 17,785 ft! The park and trails are beautiful however. There are a bunch of Ohioans running at Oil Creek, so I'm sure you could hitch a ride with one of us to cut the distance down. I'm either leaving from Akron or the Youngstown/Warren area.

Tronk - You know Brian well...he did indeed laugh at first b/c it sounded like I did a cannonball in the creek. I'm sure it was quite a scene :)