Monday, March 01, 2010

Sprained Ankle

Saturday morning, Brian and I met at Pine Lane for a potential 50K run. We started down the Buckeye Trail and got to the stream crossing about a mile and half into the run. The temperature was right around freezing, so the stream was not frozen across. Patches of it were frozen with thin ice, but the majority of it was flowing. We ran down stream to look for a good crossing but could not find one. So, we came back to the trail and I decided to try and sprint across the stream. I thought it was shallow enough to attempt it. Before I knew it, I was laying in the stream, pants soaked in water! Brian looked over and could not believe it. I hurried up and got out on the other side. As I was walking, I realized I had sprained my ankle pretty badly and felt a bit dizzy from the shock. I laid down on the ground for a bit to regain my senses. Brian then crossed the stream and we were on our way. I knew if I kept moving it might not tighten up. However as we got closer to Boston Store, I knew I would not be going any further and decided to turn around. I took the Towpath back through Peninsula and back up the brick road to Pine Lane. Brian continued on toward Brecksville.

I got home and took a look at my ankle. It was very swollen and bruised up to a little below my calf. I relaxed for a bit then drove to Heinen's grocery store to meet up with Brian and have a bite to eat. He was glad to have a ride back since he probably would've been out till past sunset to finish the full 50K due to all the snow.

So after work today, I made an appointment at a local orthopedic sports medicine doctor to get x-rays and see if I had broken or fractured anything. He found no broken bones and ruled it a pretty good sprain. Now I'll have to wait and see how it heals to see if I'm ready for Boston in a month and a half. If Boston rolls around and I feel any pain, I definitely won't run in the race and risk a recurring injury.

Click here for photos I took during the run.

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