Friday, January 29, 2010

Wolf...err...Fox Moon

Tonight in the night sky was what they call a Wolf Moon. This is a full moon that occurs in January. I decided to do a run after work starting at Pine Lane and running to Boston Store for 8 miles. The sky was clear, the ground was white, and it was cold as hell!! During my run, the temperature dipped down to single digits near 8 degrees. However once I got moving, I warmed up quickly.

On my way out, I saw plenty of deer scurrying about. At about a half mile until the Pine Lane section, I saw a dog-like animal run across the trail. I thought it was a husky at first, but then saw it was a fox!! It looked at me from about 35 yards away, then ran away into the woods. Very cool! The CVNP Association had taken the photo above last Wednesday when a fox was outside of their office. The one I saw tonight looked very similar to this one.

The rest of the run went by pretty fast. I was glad I brought my headlamp since I started after 5 o'clock and it was now getting dark. The moon was huge and had a cool orange tint when it was close to the horizon. I probably could have navigated without a light due to the moonlight. I picked up the pace on the way back and felt great finishing.

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Kim said...

That's a great pic of a fox. I think they are funny little critters, at first glance hard to tell whether it's a cat or a dog, with that little bouncy step they have.