Friday, January 22, 2010

Human Bowling

Tonight my brother, Steve Booth and I went to the Lake Erie Monsters hockey game up in Cleveland. It was Shaq bobblehead night and dollar dog/pop night, so we knew there would be a big crowd.

Before the game, a couple Monsters cheerleaders came up to Steve and I and asked if we wanted to do a promotion on the ice after the first period. The promotion was human bowling! Whoever knocked down the most pins, out of 5, won a Labatt hockey jersey. We both ended up knocking down 4 pins each, so we both won a jersey. It was pretty cool being center stage, especially since it was the largest crowd ever at over 18,000 people.

The game turned out to be a good one too. It went into OT and we won it with less than a minute left!

Click here to view all the pictures from tonight.

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