Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mill Creek Park

Jamie and I went to Mill Creek Park around 4 o'clock for a run. We knew we would be cutting it close with the daylight, but the snow covered trail would still be easy to see at night. We started at the Rose Garden and ran clockwise around the inner YUT-C loop.

There were hardly any people out on the trails so it was very peaceful! A little further into the run, however, we heard another creature joining owl! Below is a video clip with the owl hooting (turn up the volume really loud to hear it).

I gave a yell a few times and each time, a few seconds after, the owl started its eerie hoot! We continued on towards the Monkey Hills and the Mill. As we got on the lower section by the creek before the boardwalk, Jamie mentioned how dark it was. We also wondered if we would make it back before the park police locked us in the Rose Garden parking lot. So we decided to turn around here and take the roads back.

When we got back, we found the gate was locked!! We slid through the gate, got in my car and drove to check the other gate. Locked! So I called 1-800-GOOG-411 (Google's free 411 service) and got the MCP police number. They sent an officer down very quickly and we were free!

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