Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Night Trail Run

Kyle Bowman, Kellie Truesdell, Brian Musick, Jason McMains, Dan Bellinger and me (left to right)

Tonight I met my brother, Kellie Truesdell, Jason McMains, Dan Bellinger, and Kyle Bowman at the Happy Days parking lot for a night run at 8:15. I showed up at 7:30 and ran a loop of the Boston Run Trail. Once everyone else got there we ran on the ledges trail to Kendall Hills and back for 7 miles.

Afterward, Brian and I sat outside and relaxed since the temperature was pretty warm. The sky had a few thin clouds but the stars were mostly out and very visible. A cool thing happened as we sat out there. We were talking about our grandfather who passed away over a year ago and wishing he could send us a sign. One other time when we talked about this, I saw a huge streak in the sky bigger than a shooting star like a meteor. Well tonight, Brian joked about a plane flying high and I started to say "That shooting star is moving slowly." But before I could finish we both saw a shooting star streak across the sky just underneath the plane.

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