Thursday, November 26, 2009

2009 Warren Turkey Trot

This morning my brother Brian and his wife Tami, my sister Jamie and I headed down to the Kent Branch to participate in another classic Turkey Trot race. All of us signed up for the 5 mile race which was set to start at 9:45. However, it was pushed back due to all the traffic this year. Another record was set with nearly 2,200 runners!!

I haven't gotten too far into my Boston training yet, so I wasn't expecting a PR. Before the race, we walked around and talked to the many familiar faces. I talked to a high school teammate and friend Brian Gilson a bit. I always kid him about how he catches me at the turn-around and ends up beating me every year. I also talked to NEO Trail members Jim Harris and Bill Losey.

When the race started, my brother lined up right behind Heath Harris razzing him that he would be right behind him. He stayed up front till about Mahoning then dropped back :p

From Mahoning to about the first mile, I ran and talked with Taylor Sowers. We ran through in 6:45. A short bit later, I sensed Brian Gilson coming up behind me and peered over my shoulder. Sure enough, there he was! We talked for awhile as I tried to keep up. Soon enough he left me in the dust. He caught me too early this year!

I ended up finishing in 34:20. This is far off my 30:32 Turkey Trot PR in 2006, but I was happy nonetheless considering. Jamie got first in her age group with a PR of 34:58. Brian also ran well with a 35:50, especially considering he did 65 last weekend at Slim Pickins. The weather, which can be wild for the Trot, was beautiful! I am thankful for all my friends and family and to be able to spend Thanksgiving running and eating with them! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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