Friday, October 30, 2009

West Branch Witch Hunt

Tonight I met Todd "Not Tom" Hanks and Tim "Cousin of Slim" Knapp at West Branch State Park at 7:30 for a night run. This has become a tradition to run at West Branch Halloween weekend ever since the witch encounter with my brother two years ago.

It was dark out when we started, but the sky was clear and the moon provided alot of light. The temperature felt great for late October in the upper 60s. I was also glad the rain held off.

We headed out on Snowmobile Rd and turned left onto the lake trail. We ran an out-and-back to Porter Rd and got in about 7 miles. We talked about a little bit of everything so the run went by fast. I found out Todd registered for Boston next Spring after qualifying with a 3:18 at the Towpath Marathon. Should be cool to see a familiar face there since he will probably be lined up close by me at the start.

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