Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs

This weekend I drove up to Oil Creek to watch my brother and sister run the 50 mile and 50k race, respectively. There were also alot of people I knew from Ohio that were running this weekend. I was planning on pacing someone for 30 miles of the 100, but decided to play it safe since my arch on my foot was still sore.

Brian started at 6 AM for the 50 miler and Jamie an hour later for the 50k. My parents, Dave (Jamie's boyfriend) and I drove around from point to point to cheer on Jamie and Brian. Jamie was looking strong each time we saw her and was the lead woman. She ended up winning the women's 50k race and finished in 6:14:23, an awesome time especially for that course!!

We then drove to an aid station to cheer on Brian. He was looking strong also! He ended up finishing in 12:07:51, a 2 hour PR!!!

Tom Jennings, the race director, did a great job organizing the event for the first year. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Watching all this ultra running this weekend has me wanting to do one soon. First thing's first, though, get 100% healthy!!

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