Monday, July 27, 2009

Pine Lane Group Run

Tonight Jim Harris planned a run to start from Pine Lane at 5:30. I got there and was surprised to see Bob "struck by lightening" Combs and Wild Bill Losey were joining us. Bob showed me the battle wounds from when he got struck by lightening at the Hardrock 100. Pretty amazing!

So the four of us went out for 30 minutes or so on the Bridle Trail and then came back to meet up with another runner, Dan Dunlap. Dan, who was an All-American in college running, told me about his fast times.

Jim, Dan, and I pushed the pace ahead until we got to Boston Store. We went off-piste a few times down steep hills through brush, leaves, and streams. At Boston Store, I had all the fun I wanted and headed back to Pine Lane. I ended up with 11 miles total and had a great time running with the ultra buffs.


Mike said...

I gotta hear about this from Gombu! hope to see you and Pebble this weekend.

Jeff said...

Can't wait to see you. It's been awhile!