Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Apartment, New Trails!

Tonight at 8:30, I went for a short 4 mile run around my apartment complex. I moved last Saturday into Newport Landing apartments in Coventry Township, just south of Akron. The area is great with tons of fishing, trails, and boating available. Plus, my drive to work is cut in half and the drive to the Cuyahoga Valley is about the same as it was from Kent and maybe even shorter!

I decided to check out Firestone Metropark across the street from my complex. I was excited to find that there are tons of trails to run on there. I ran a loop on a CC trail and then hopped on this dirt trail and ran a loop around the park back to my apartment. The trails have a good variety of hills, grass, dirt and flat sections. I will definitely be doing some more training runs here!


Slim said...

I think that heath runs there at a CC meet on September 5th.

You got all the details coordinated with Little Pebble on his run at BR?
You starting at Pine Hollow?
You crewing or just pacing?

We should get our act together so we are all on the same page.

Jeff said...

Those rolling hills probably make for a tough CC race!

Yes I plan on starting at Pine Hollow and pacing Brian for the last 25 miles or so. Which section are you running?

I'm free just about any day next week if you want to meet at CV for a run and discuss details.

Slim said...

I think that Eric and I will each take a section from Boston to Pine Hollow.

Might be a Night Run next Tuesday. Watch for posts on the forums for info.

Not much to talk about. The hardest part is figuring out what time Brian will be at Boston.

My best guess is around 5 to 6 at the moment.

Slim said...

YUT-C on Sunday afternoon and Pine Lane on Monday at 5:30.

Jeff said...

I'll see you at Pine Lane on Monday.