Monday, July 06, 2009

Brandywine Group Run

Tonight I met my brother and Nick Billock at Boston Store for a run at 6:30. Dave Peterman, Marty, and Chris also joined us for the run.

The plan was to do Brandywine, Valley Bridle and the Buckeye Trail for about 10 miles. The trees provided shade for most the run so things stayed pretty cool. It was fun meeting a couple new people, Marty and Chris, and hearing about their running.

Once we got to the Brandywine parking lot, I was really regretting eating pierogies less than an hour before the run! I decided to slow down and let Nick, Dave and Chris go ahead. I ended up meeting with Marty and Brian and ran with them for the mile or so we had left. We finished the run with about 10.5 miles.

Brian, Nick, and I went to the Winking Lizard afterwards for a few brewskies and wings. They had thirty-five cent boneless wings tonight. Can't beat that!! We sat out on the patio and the cool summer temperature felt great. One highlight of the night was Brian reaching the halfway mark in the Winking Lizard World Tour and receiving his foldout camping chair with their logo embroidered on it.

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