Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Today my brother and I met at Mill Creek Park at 7 AM for a run. I haven't run here for quite awhile, so it was nice getting back. Another runner, Todd Hanks (not Tom :p), also showed up for the run today. We started out clockwise around Lake Glacier, ran to the Mill and back to our cars. I decided to call it a day with about 7.5 miles while Brian and Todd continued on for another loop.

After the run, my parents, Brian, and I drove over to the Harris' house for Heath's graduation party. The food and weather were great! Jim told us the food was catered from Ester's which is a restaurant on the northwest side of Warren by my parents' house. We'll definitely have to go there now that we know how good the food is! Afterward, I went fishing on the causeway at Mosquito Lake. I ended up catching a fish that had stripes like a tiger and seeing a HUGE catfish flop in the air out of the water.

I then drove to Viking Vineyards by Kent to have some wine and cheese and celebrate Father's Day with my parents, Brian, Tami and her parents. It was a great way to end a beautiful day!

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