Saturday, June 27, 2009

BR Familiarization Training Run

Brian got new plates!!

This afternoon at 3:00 I met Brian at the Happy Days parking lot for the Burning River familiarization run. I will be pacing Brian the last 50K of the race. Today's run consisted of doing the last 30 miles of the BR course, but I planned on cutting it short today.

After a short wait, a mini-van pulled up with runners who parked in Cuyahoga Falls and carpooled to Happy Days. In the vehicle were Kirk, Star, Mark, and Cathryn. Another runner, Sean from Poland, later met us on the trails.

The temperature was very hot today, perfect for those training for BR to get used to the heat. I stayed with the group until past the Salt Run Trail, then headed back. I was happy to end up with around 12 miles for the day. I sure felt whipped from the heat, but it was fun running with the group! Below are some pictures from the run.

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