Saturday, May 02, 2009

Off-Piste Adventure

This morning at 10:45, my brother and I met Bob Combs at the parking lot off of Chippewa Rd. in the Brecksville Reservation. About a mile into the run, we ran into Greg Murray and Glenn. Greg had already run some, so he split early in the run.

As to be expected when Gombobu shows up, we did alot of off-piste running. We started out down the creek which was pretty fun. The water was about up to our calfs going out. We then went off trail, up and down numerous hills. Alot of the hills were huge and required the use of both our hands and feet. I would explain where we went, but I kind of lost track during it. I know we ended up near the horse stables and ran on the Buckeye Trail for a bit.

On the way back, we ran in the creek again and along some pretty technical areas. The rocks became boulders and the water was flowing faster than before. We really had to watch our footing since some rocks were pretty slippery. Also in some places, the creek floor dropped off and the water was really deep. Bob and I explored the crevasses between the huge rocks. I climbed through the opening in one, jumped in the water on the other side, and started swimming fully submerged in the water. This was a blast! I looked up and saw Bob standing on top of the boulder about 20-30 feet above me. After horsing around, we navigated along the gorge ridges and back to our cars. I had a great time and can't wait to return sometime for another adventure!

Below is a video of Bob running in the creek. To view all the pictures of the run click here.

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