Saturday, May 30, 2009

No Frills, Just Hills FA

Today I took part in the 2nd Annual No Frills, Just Hills FA. This event takes place at Kendall Hills and consisted, this year, of a 2.25 mile loop that goes up and down pretty steep hills. The course had to be re-routed due to construction on the dam.

The morning started with pretty heavy fog, but it soon burned off for clear blue skies. Jim Chaney provided a clock to count down from the 6 hour time limit. We had a great turnout this year of 24 runners beating last years mark of 11. This was my first run since the marathon and I felt really good. I ended up doing 6 loops (13.5 miles) and my brother had a good day with 11 loops. Jim Chaney took the crown with a record 15 loops. I had a fun time today meeting new runners and relaxing in the sun afterwards. I will definitely mark this event down on my calendar for next year!

Click here for complete results. Click here for pictures of the event.

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