Monday, May 04, 2009

May 4th

Today I went to the May 4th memorial service of the Kent State shootings that occurred in 1970 in protest of the American invasion of Cambodia. I've never gone to this, but for some reason I felt compelled to go this year. I think other people felt this way too since there was a pretty good showing of a few hundred people on the hill. It's funny how I've walked by the spot where it occurred many times, but today I had an especially eerie/sad feeling as I walked by the spots where the students were shot and killed.

There were 4 speakers at the ceremony today. They included John Filo, the photographer who took the famous Pulitzer Prize-winning May 4, 1970 photo below, Mary Vecchio, the lady in John Filo's photo, Alan Canfora, who was wounded on May 4th, and Laurel Krause, sister of slain student Allison Krause. I especially enjoyed Laurel Krause's speech. You could tell she was still very passionate about the event and its meaning 39 years later.

For more information on the event and recent news go to May 4th Task Force. Click here to view all the pictures that I took today.

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